Thank you for your interest in applying to live at Chateau Ubuntu! Please take some time and fill out the following questions. We're excited to read over what you have to share and get to know you!
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I understand that in addition to base rent, an additional $350 monthly membership fee is collected to provide funds for our shared food plan, as well as provide budgets for utilities, furnishings, cleaning, and other community needs.

I understand that at this time, Chateau Ubuntu is unable to accommodate pets. And it's rare to accommodate couples in the same room.
All information contained within is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. *

Applicant authorizes that all of the above statements are true and correct and hereby authorize verification of the above statements including but not limited to the obtaining of a credit report.  Applicant agrees to furnish additional information upon request.  Race, gender, creed, religion, and sexual orientation will never be a determining factor in your chances of being welcomed within the Chateau Ubuntu community; please don't allow it to become a determining factor in any of the relationships you form within the community
Personal Information:

We take the screening process of potential members of our community very seriously. We’re not looking for bodies to fill a room; we’re looking for dynamic, authentic, and all-around awesome people, so please express yourself in your application.

(And don't take more than 5 minutes per question! We want to hear your authentic self. Doesn't have to be super polished, promise!)

How would you make our community even more awesome? (i.e. host open mics; be a great listener; organize volunteering events, etc.) *

What are some areas of the community you foresee yourself being actively involved in? *

Nothing's set in stone of course, just trying to get an idea of where you think your participation will fit in.

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Which community value resonates with you the most?

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Please compose a "bitty bio" of your own using the following example as a template (it's OK if talking in third person isn't your thing!): *

C (27/M/ENTJ [though P has been thrown about before]) - Got on his first flight at age 18 and has since been to 43 countries, calling four continents home. He didn't come from much but has had good fortune along the way so he works in education to help extend opportunities to others.
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